Seriously, would someone take the camera away from Grampa!

Bill, you make a persuasive argument there... I totally agree that we should immediately abandon all research into finding the answers and start filling in the blanks with "God did it!" But why stop there! Why only give your imaginary friends credit for what hasn't been proven? I say we start labeling everything in the name of cloudman! From now one I'm encouraging all of Fox News to give credit for their entire broadcast to God. So if you wouldn't mind Bill, we'll have your paychecks made out to "the Holy Spirit" from now on... I mean it's only fair. 

In all seriousness, this man is still considered a journalist by so many ignorant Americans, can't we please either A) Shut him up, or B) Start labeling Fox "News" properly. This blatant disregard for journalistic integrity and ethics has tarnished the name of journalists, news broadcasters, scientists, researchers and science reporters for too long! 

Cheers to reality, and to understanding that Bill is an entertainer...not a learned, researched, or even a terribly bright reporter. This is NOT news!

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