I could make a page dedicated just to this guy!

You guys all know my opinion of this over-watched over-rated old fart, so we don't have to drudge that up any further, but I got an email earlier from a very polite right-winger who didn't quite agree with my take on Bill. In the email he said: 

"I get it that you don't agree with Mr. O'Rielly's views. Just because you don't see eye to eye doesn't mean he's wrong." 

The writer when on to ask why I picked on Bill so much etc.
Well i figured I'd put it into perspective a little... watch this short video and then tell me that Bill has any clue what's going on.
He's either reading from an AutoCue, in which case he should fire his writers and researchers... or he's actually a bumbling old man. Either way he should get off the "News" network and stop tricking people into believing what he says is indeed "News".

Cheers to FOX, you're sometimes funnier than Comedy Central.

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