Hey guys,

What better way to kick-off a blog dedicated to awesome than by raising money for the Canadian Cancer Society with a bunch of other awesome people? This is just another charity dedicated to helping reduce the level of world-suck on this planet and they are doing a lot to help people who really need their support. 

So why not help me support the supporters! I will be climbing the 660 steps to the top of the Tower on Saturday the 6th (Nov.10) and providing my bum-knee doesn't become detached in a horribly gory, post-hallowe'en bloodbath, I will reach the top having donated a minimum of 100 bucks to the society.

I know 100 bucks doesn't sound like much, but being one in thousands I hope to raise that as a minimum! (Unless you guys want to help raise that bar a little... nudge nudge*) So check out this link and feel free to make a donation. I won't be offended with pocket change, every little bit helps :)

To make a donation for the Climb for Cancer (or more accurately the climb against cancer...) visit this link and pledge.

Click here to pledge!

Remember, only YOU can prevent world-suck!



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