Tongue twister? I think not! How about a brain twister?

I know what you're thinking... What's with the English lessons today? Well, I seem to be on a theme and you guys spend so much time pointing out flaws in my posts that I thought I'd share the favour and teach you guys some English for once! Now, I'm not going to bore you with actual English lessons, because most of you don't really need them. (Not that your English is great, just that your professions don't necessarily depend on good grammar.)
Now English can be complicated, and even, at times, stupidly simple. It runs the gamut from utterly dry and boring to what can only be described as lolwut?? Obviously we've done our homework and moved on from the days of verb tables and circling nouns in sentences...(well some of us have, others are stuck in College English for a short while longer.) For those that have though, English can be taken for granted. I give you then a sentence to blow your minds and remind you just how little you understand the language you speak everyday: 

Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo

Mull that one over for a while and see how quickly the shriveled bits of grey-matter ooze from your skull... The sentence may seem like utter nonsense, but it's 100% grammatically correct. It's English at its finest!

Cheers to a language that allows nonsense to make sense in one sense or another!
Ok, I won't leave you with that... here's how the sentence should read when alternately written:
Buffalo bison that Buffalo bison bully, bully Buffalo bison...Or: buffalo from Buffalo that buffalo from Buffalo buffalo, also buffalo other buffalo from Buffalo. 

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