Can smoking weed cure cancer?

In short, no, but there is some hopes that the active Cannabinoids may suppress tumor invasion in highly invasive cancers, according to a study published online December 25 in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute.

The idea seems that the use of pot for cancer treatment has some positive effects on the patients. Although the study is still being ripped apart by scientists all over the world, it's clear that the pro-pot groups are all over it. The hype generated by this story is a little disproportionate to the actual effects that have been recorded. The risk of lung and throat cancers are still very elevated and most doctors argue that you'll do more damage than good. 

This information, however, is great for those fighting against cancer. The use of evaporators and inhalers may deliver the cannabinoids to the cells without the risk; In the mean-time the jury is out on whether this will be labeled a "breakthrough" in cancer research.  Every little bit helps, but this may just be a little bit too little in the fight against one of the world's worst diseases.

Cheers to thinking outside the box, it might be a swing and a miss...but it's always worth the exploration.

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