Will Canada take the Swiss-trail on this issue?

It worked in Switzerland, but will it work here? I completely retract my previous comment about Canada not having the "Snowballs" to stand up to Good'ol Boy "Dub'ya" when it comes to holding him accountable for his war-crimes. 

The Swiss government has agreed to press charges against the former US President if he's ever to visit Switzerland. The population supported this behaviour by reminding the president that the legal actions would be the least of his worries if he is to visit their land. So what about Canada then. 

Well George is set to speak at an Economic conference in Surrey, B.C. in October of this year. So are we going to let him? Not if Gail Davidson, cofounder of Lawyers Against the War, has her say. She's petitioning the Government of Canada, particularly Citizenship and Immigration MinisterJason Kenney, to have George held to the same standards our Swiss cousins uphold. That's right, she wants George W. Bush marked at a criminal in Canadian law!
Now it will be a shocker if this happens under Harper, as we know he was willing to trash Toronto and the Canadian image and ideals of love and peace just to hold a party for a few of his dictator friends. Many of which have conducted heinous crimes that are just disgusting to even write about...
So will Canada step up to the plate? Will we prove that human rights are more important to us than letting a man (who nearly bankrupt the States I might add) come and talk at an economic conference? Time will tell. Until then read more here, and remember come August, look into this because petitions will surely be out!

Cheers to Gail Davidson, proving that lawyers aren't all jerks, and that human rights and Canada are still hand in hand!

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