Day trip ruined by earthquake? I think not!

The battered SUV drove 600kms after being pummeled by pieces of a shopping-center following an earthquake.
Ashley and Christine Vendt had just ordered lunch at a cafe in Christchurch, New Zealand, when the 6.3-magnitude earthquake hit. the earthquake that killed over 100 Kiwis and foreign travelers last week didn't take much from this couple. They still had each-other, and most of their Lexus.

The couple returned to where the SUV was parked to find it under some light rubble. They knew they needed to get out of the area to let emergency personnel and clean-up crews do their thing. Not to be left stranded some 600kms from home, the couple decided to hightail it out of there in the battered Lexus!

They were stopped a couple of times on their way home, but the officers were kind enough to let them be on their way after the ordeal. The couple is now shopping for a new car as their insurance has deemed the truck a total loss.

Cheers to perseverance and what can only be described today as a "Git-R-Dun" attitude!


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