Crabzillas walk amongst us!

Ok, they don't really walk amongst us per say... they actually roam the waters off of the island of Japan, usually at a depth of about a thousand feet. Some say that the fully grown Japanese spider crab  can have legs up to 12 feet long! Since we're unable to go that deep and see the crabzilla (and yes that's the actual name, I'm not just being cheeky) in its natural habitat, all we have is this tiny little guy with messily 4 foot long legs. Isn't he cute: 
Oh how I wish this was photoshopped! That is an actual crabzilla with 4 foot long legs!
Cheers to Crabzillas and their frightfully enormous size, but more importantly cheers to the man who decided they officially be named crabzillas! Which is just plainly epic!

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