There's a word for that!

By now we must all be familiar with the latest Pepsi Max commercial. A remake of the 1995 classic, Pepsi introduces the pop-cultural element of YouTube and cellphone cameras. So what makes this commercial the subject of today's "There's a word for that"? Simple, defenestration!
Some of the more clever among us just chuckled at the very word (probably the francophones who recognized the work "fenêtre" meaning "window" and "de" the prefix of "from") For those who still need a little help with this one, the world "Defenestration" is to be thrown through or from a window.
So next time you're sitting back to enjoy a cheesy 90's action flick, impress your friends at the moment of defenestration by noting that "There's a word for that!"

Cheers to English and all of it's wonderfully esoteric functions.
3/21/2011 07:27:44 am

Saw this a while back, think you might enjoy it:


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