So the world is full of opinions about the DADT policy world-wide. The Americans have a pretty stringent platform of "It ain't goin anywhere so knock it off you liberal hippie * Expletives*". The Canadians have a more whishy-washy approach to it by just constantly dodging the question. My only concern is that the Armed Forces have a bad habit of employing lunatics and extremists with much bigger issues than their sexual preferences. Long story short, let's stay out of our soldiers pants and focus more on training the best and brightest.
Was this entry an extremely abridged version of an oncoming rant that may air later? Possibly. Was it just an excuse to run this hilarious cartoon from  the Chattanooga Times Free Press (Bennett-Illustrator), yeah, probably. Enjoy:
Cheers to the notion set by Prime Minister Trudeau, too long ago... Let the Canadian Gov't. stay out of our citizens' bedrooms!


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