Tell it how it is:

Johann Hari, a UK journalist, is widely known for telling it how it is. Once again he's hit the nail right on the head with his latest tweet which is already circling the world and being retweeted and favourited by hundreds. Hari urges you to look not only into your hearts but into your pocketbooks for any little bit you can offer. 
Prayer is great, and intentions are lovely... but they won't get the job done. As Ontarians, or Canadians, we forget just how fortunate we are and how well protected we are from major catastrophic events. We are lucky that we can't sympathize with the Japanese people today. We are lucky we don't know what it's like to see your life shaken, shattered, burned and uprooted. To see everything you ever worked for washed away in a single swoop of mother natures fury.

Organizations like the Red Cross are already preparing their efforts and raising money, food, blood, and supplies to help the Japanese people through this disaster and we can only beg of you to be kind and click here to donate.

That link is of course the Canadian link. For other's please visit or or simply Google the RedCross in your geographical area.

Cheers to the world pulling together. No one needs to face disaster alone!

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