Get out and Vote!

Voter apathy has long been a problem in Canadian elections. Last election, in 2008, only 58.8% of eligible voters actually cast a ballot (and that counts the ones who spoiled their ballots!) So I was thinking about what sort of things Canadian politicians might do to get voters into booths nationwide. 
It appears the only thing that can get bored Canadians excited about voting is a really good controversial topic... I figured, since we haven't rioted much since prohibition... I'd try to rile you up a bit...
The easiest way I can spark some interest in you is probably a really provocative image... CLICK HERE!
If that doesn't remind you why the Harper Government should be questioned, then I don't know what will.

Cheers to Canadian Apathy. Remember that last election, 21% of the country spoke for 100% of Canadians. Let's get it right this year!

P.S. If these paragraphs and pictures didn't help you want to vote, then let Rick Mercer convince you:

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