C20 H12 O5, It's a great way to dye! 

It's a strange mix of feelings... The river was too far; the damage to the ecosystem is just irresponsible. The fountains, however, are a great tool for political protest in my opinion; or at least they would have been had their been a motif. At the time of this post there is still no answer to who is responsible for these dyings, nor any notion as to what they were trying to prove. Check out the video below (click read more) and judge for yourself  what might be the message here.

Is this a "we need to be more green" message? Could it be a pro-pot activist group? Or is it possibly just a childish, senseless prank... We await the verdict and, as always, are enjoying the speculation around this iridescent event! 
Cheers to what could have been an amazing pro-green display... but we all know the Party is not that cool!


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