F'n Friday Easteregg!...of the day!

So here's a tidbit of useless knowledge for all the Beatles fans out there. (I hear there are a few of you...) In the song Hey Jude at 2:56 you can hear "Oh! F*cking Hell" in the background.

"From 2:56 to 2:58 of the song, someone can be heard to say, "Fucking hell!" There is some dispute as to who said this. According to sound engineers Ken Scott and Geoff Emerick, it was McCartney, and it was Lennon's idea to leave the mistake in the final mix. "'Paul hit a clunker on the piano and said a naughty word,' Lennon gleefully crowed, 'but I insisted we leave it in, buried just low enough so that it can barely be heard. Most people won't ever spot it...but we'll know it's there." -Wiki

Cheers to those wacky Beatles, it's a good thing they were bigger than Jesus or they wouldn't be able to get away with this stuff!

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