What's all this forum talk?

So some of you noticed the front page had a suggestion box on it where you could email me ideas...but the most popular idea I've received so far that my way of gathering ideas sucked! (That should actually be a direct quote from some of the emails...) So, because I believe so much in the democratic process I decided to heed to your wishes and deliver a better way to get ideas from you guys!
Long story short; Forum! So click on the forum and sign in with just about any social account possible. (If you don't have Facebook, Gmail, Twitter, etc...your probably not the forum type and you can just bugger off!) So the forum is completely open to anyone and is a great place for you guys to submit personal content. Why keep reading recycled memes? I know a lot of you are graphic artists, nutjobs, photoshop junkies, and geeks...and I know you've all got files on your computer that you would love to share with the world! So do it!

Make your own lolcats, comics, blog entries, anything that strikes your fancy can now be added, discussed, posted and enjoyed by the world! :)

Cheers to you guys! And all of the awesome that oozes from your very beings!

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