The new Fuji X100 brings back the rugged styling of the 60's with some modern tech to back it all up!

Because the Olympus PEN wasn't retro enough; Fuji is now getting ready to roll out the new X100. An antique body wrapped around their new CMOS sensor gives this camera a 60’s style with all the convenience and technical specs of a new-age digital 4/5th. Fuji is finally shaking their addiction to using the shamed XD car format in favour of a more standard SD slot. The specs aren’t terribly impressive at 12.3MP, a basic kit lens, standard digital settings and many other average features.

Whether this camera is just gimmicky hipster material, or if it’s going to be a new wave of retro styling is still to be determined. A good looking camera is sort of like a barber with a good haircut... it may be outwardly attractive, but it’s not going to help the outcome much...

Check out the specs and the media release here!

Cheers to new...err old...no new technology!

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