General Ignorance: Where's your heart at?

Everyone once in a while I like to include from general ignorance updates on the blog. Some of you have actually learned some things from it. There are things with names we never learn... there are common misconceptions that never seem to go away... I try to take these things and teach you all a little something about the world around you. Today's installment, is straight from the heart:
This image might look a little funny to you. You might be thinking, "why is that man's heart so centered... isn't it supposed to be off to the left?" Well you wouldn't be alone if you're asking these things. It's a general misconception that the human heart sits to the left of the body. The truth is that the heart is actually very central to your being.

The reason we are taught that it sits to the left is the main beating muscles that cause us to sense the heartbeat happen to the left of itself. The mass of the heart is actually 90% centered though. 

Cheers to the things we think we know and how often they aren't what we think at all.

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