Switzerland says "No" to foreign criminals...no matter how famous!

You all thought the days of laughing at George "Dub'ya" Bush were over, didn't you? Well you are so wrong because he's just as full of random antics as ever before. The former president, who you might remember from the fall of western civilization (or nearly at least,) was all ready for a trip to the Alps. He was all packed and ready to fly but suddenly had a change of heart. 
By change of heart I mean, of course, he was told that if he lands in Switzerland he'll be arrested on charges of torture, amongst other crimes.
That's right, the country that didn't have the snowballs to arrest the president has no reservation arresting the retired old man; it's about time too! Growing concerns of legal actions and of lynch mobs attacking him during his visit have caused the cancellation of the trip all-together. All speeches have been canceled.

Cheers to Switzerland for standing up for what's right! No amount of money, fame, or protection justifies catering to war-criminals! We support your decision and look on anxiously for events to come. 

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