It's all innocent until you realize ...


...he's just chucking rocks at Maritimers!

Ignatieff toured Eastern Canada recently with a very clear message to Maritimers, "Harper does not respect Atlantic Canada." The vibe out east is that Harper just doesn't speak for the population and his Albertan heritage has him taking the Maritime Provinces for granted. 
Iggy through some epic quotes out there with my personal favorite being "Let me just say something here. I want to make a deal with Mr. Harper: If you stop telling lies about us, we will stop telling the truth about you.” (Followed by a quite muttering of "Oh Snap!")

So the campaigns heat up and we've got an interesting couple of weeks ahead of us. Meanwhile, if you're thinking of voting Conservative but are concerned about the effects of re-electing a cyborg, here's a website that might help: 
Things Stephen Harper Does To Seem Human 

Cheers to Canadian politics...we really don't take this seriously.

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