Holy Chevy Batman!

Are you a human being? Are you between the ages of 6 and 99? Do you currently have, or have ever had a pulse? Well then listen up because this pertains to you!

The Batmobile is for sale. That's right, the one and only (Not really, there's two more but this is the one in the best shape) Batmobile from the 1992 blockbuster is officially up for grabs, and of all places it's even posted on eBay! The small-block V8 powered, hydraulic-drive set-prop is #3 that was made for the movie in 1989.

"1989 - 1992  ORIGINAL  BATMOBILE  !!!
Own the ACTUAL "Batman Returns" Batmobile, TM & Copyright 1992 DC Comics, Inc. from the Warner Brothers Movie "Batman Returns" with Michael Keaton.
This is NOT a Replica! " says the eBay add for the car. No fakes here, this is the real deal. So click here and check out the add, but before you do you might want to do one little thing. You're going to need about 500 grand before tomorrow, and that's American...so have a whip-round at the office and maybe collect some donations from the neighbours. By this time Thursday, you could be the new owner of your very own Batmobile!

Cheers to awesome spontaneous items available no where else in the world, but on eBay,


P.S. My birthday is Feb. 13, so feel free to wrap it up and hide it until then.

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