Prius, eat your ugly little heart out!

Lately there's been a stigma that all Hybrid cars need to be boring little family econo-sedans with no character and heavens-forbid a bit of fun to them... This is something that Belgium won't stand for!

Powered by a 210-hp, 1.6-liter four-cylinder, tied to a 136-hp electric motor and battery unit, the company claims a 6-second 0-60 time in electric mode or a 4-second time in hybrid is the goal.

So this isn't your average everyday hybrid, nor is it going to be available to everyone. At a starting price of 100 grand, it's really not meant to be competitive with the Prius, this is just a stigma changer.

Cheers to Imperia, this car should rock the boat...if we're lucky!

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