What? No Cheezeburger?
This story was too good to pass up! In Springfield Illinois, this Thursday night, a man was pulled over for speeding in his '97 Grand Prix. The officer asked the man to step from the car and wait while the officer took a look at the interior of the vehicle. 

When the officer asked the driver if their was anything illicit in the vehicle the driver reacted very nervously. It wasn't long before the cop noticed the bottles of booze and the digital scale in the vehicle... when the officer asked the driver what the scale was used for the driver bolted.

The officer took pursuit on foot at which point the, now fugitive, driver turned around and hit the officer in the face with...what else?... a cheeseburger! (And this is why we love the Americans...not every crime is violent; sometimes they are just comical and stereotypical) 

After receiving the burger to the face the police officer stunned the driver with a taser and took him into custody.

Cheers to crime that may not pay off for the criminal, but keeps the rest of us entertained!


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