Media twist!...of the day!

For once we're not talking about a horrible timing or a play on words... you all remember the slogan "There's no stopping a Toyota," because that went over quite well when people died due to stuck accelerators. No, it's not that kind of story at all.

This post was borderline belonging on the Niagara Blog, but I figured it was witty and funny enough for the world to see. Now for a quick bit of background for those not from here: 
There's a University in St.Catharines Ontario by the name of Brock U. The school is named after a general in the war of 1812 where Canada kicked the States's butt in close combat. The school is actually quite academic and doesn't get the cred. it deserves. Unfortunately for the school a mocking rhyme is persistently repeated amongst those who find it easy to get into the school, and it goes like this: "If you can walk and talk, you can go to Brock!"

Obviously the school doesn't appreciate this slogan much; After a few years of it being jokingly tossed around, the school is fighting back with a video campaign that pretty much right out tells the hater: "Hey, Brock U!"  (Really? did he just type that... I might have gone with "Go Brock yourself!" still...lame!)

Can you say Owned the Trolls!?  I absolutely love what they've done here. Take that! global perception of Brock's academic integrity... To anyone who's ever been mocked behind their back, this video is a prime example of how to school the haters. 

Cheers to media-spin! These guys pretty much knocked it outta the park!
12/9/2012 04:35:54 am

Brock U is actually amazing!


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