This situation really inks!

This is what happens when you don't require truck drivers to pass an aptitude test and demand that math be a requirement.
Let's break this one down real quickly:

If you're in a truck carrying 16 thousand pounds of printer ink traveling at 55mph, and there's a low bridge traveling at naught (it's a freakin bridge!) Should you:
A) Reroute
B) Duck
C) Stop
D) Make headlines!

Lucky for us this driver chose D! (Although to be fair he may have ducked... why do people do that in cars when there's something overhead?) To make a long story short, this technicolour highway is brought to you by a bloke on Route 128 near Peabody, MA. Photographs of this scene are by Winslow Townson.

Cheers to those little bridge height sings everyone loves to ignore. They are worth more than we realize!

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