We here at Memento Mori have spent an arduous amount of time researching the contents of the internet. We've spent hours gathering stats on what you people like and what sorts of things keep people coming back, day after day, to the net...

From the data we've gathered, we have determined without a doubt that... you people are sick! Oh my! The stuff you like is disgusting and wrong, very wrong!

The only thing we found that wasn't perverse, gross, or borderline illegal was cats! How you guys love your cats! Whether they are doing funny things, speaking with poor grammar, or relentlessly chasing cheezeburgers... you guys have made it loud and clear! Bring on the Caturday!

Sticking with the theme of the day we've gathered some fun, funny, and fascinating facts about our feline friends. To start us off; Have you ever wondered why a cat's lick is so rough? Ever taken a close look at a cat's tongue? Here's a macro shot of a cat's tongue brought to us from our friends at Wikipedia. Those little Velcro-like barbs are papillae. Don't speak Latin? No problem because I'll tell you that papillae are small tubes. We have them on our tongues and they contain our taste buds. On a cat they are much longer and more spaced which allows it to use it's tongue for grooming. Those buds are about 500 micrometer long and can act much like a hairbrush...and now you know.

Cheers to the weird little details of things we find so ordinary,


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