Gov. of Alabama removes foot from mouth... inserts other foot!

Quick update to the previous article ('ve come so far from being ruthless racists...) Turns out the senator wasn't deliberately being a bigot and an arrogant evangelical * expletive* ; No, his excuse was much more admirable that than. He simply didn't know who he was speaking to!

This is sort of the political equivalent to telling your girlfriend that the reason she shouldn't be angry about what you did is because you didn't think she would find out!

Not cut out for the job! 

Long story short, the governor was meaning to talk to a crowd of religious representatives and was intending his comment to be, speaking as a private citizen, directed towards this group. Unfortunately no one told the gov. that he was actually speaking on behalf of the nation and to a crowd comprised of his constituency.

I don't blame the governor for his comment. It was a simple mistake... but it would seem to me that normal people make mistakes. If you are 1 of 100 governors representing the entire 300 million people that make up your country, you should be one incredibly level minded dude. You are 1/3 of a percent of the population and you should be up for the challenge. It's my opinion that Gov. Bentley proved today that he's just not up for the job. Oh he's got the two-faced right-winged liar and con-artist thing down, that's for sure, but is he governor material? I think not.

Cheers to being too ignorant to be an ignorant representative of one of the most corrupt organizations on Earth. I think day two should be a speech of resignation for this grumpy old man.

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