Clarkson being...Clarkson...

For anyone not familiar with the BBC series of Top Gear it's a car show that has as much to do with cars as American Idol has to do with musical talent. The show is essentially 3 grown men who get to play with some of the most expensive, fastest and frankly most incredible machines on the planet. On the latest episode, Clarkson (the eldest yet most child-like one) took an off-road vehicle out for a spin. While playing in the field, he tested out the SatNav system and its tracking... here's what he came up with:
Cheers to Jeremy, proving that you can be one of the most well-paid automotive "journalists" in the world, and still be a 6yr old at heart! (Also cheers to the BBC for showing the world it doesn't have to make money from insane delinquents or bad stereotypes of every genre imaginable!)

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