Useless knowledge... of the day!

So this might have happened to you; You were on a trip south of the border (or North of it for out American readers) and you take a road-side break at a convenience store rest-stop... While wandering through the store you spot that iconic red label and think to yourself: "It's time for a break!"
You might notice though that the KitKat tastes a bit's not off, it just tastes...different! Well theres a reasonable explanation for this, KitKats are different from one country to the other. Now they aren't just a different recipe, but a completely different company. That's right, up here we know them as Nestle KitKats...down there, they are Hershey's chocolate.
And now you know!

Cheers to the little insignificant things that make home, home! It's hard to place them, and easy to take them for granted, but they make the difference!

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