The Right is right, this time at least...

I've got to say, I don't usually agree with much that's said on the Tory bench, but their supporters sometimes make a good point. The world is evolving faster than our parliament can handle,it seems. Lately theirs been a lot more criticism than usual (Spring election looming?) and it would seem both parties are bickering like an old married couple!

Here's my take in under 140 characters: @TonyClement_MP Tweet Tony Tweet! Dn't let Libs. tell you it's childish, Canadians aren't watchin CPAC, so keep us posted!   (Yes I just tweeted that)

The Liberals are just grasping at straws and I for one think Tony should be using Twitter. He should have all the social networks at his fingertips... he is the Industry Minister, and if he's not up on the internet, then how is her going to help regulate it? I really think we need to oust the CEO of the CRTC for his comment "25 gig is plenty of internet access if you're not playing 3D games or streaming movies..." Anyone so out of touch needs to step down and realize he's just finished.
We need a new CRTC, perhaps an "iCRTC", because somehow I don't think the same people regulating the Radio should be touching my Internet...

But that's just my two cents. Here's to hoping this UBB goes away and the CRTC finds some competence in the near future.

Cheers to Canada, even on the opposite side of the bench, the arguments are still logical and humain... (cheers to political apathy and the lack of heated issues you bunch of old hippies!)

Edit: Keep in mind it's not the Liberals philosophy that Tony shouldn't tweet. For the Twitterers out there keep in mind that you can follow @M_Ignatieff too. (The libs just say Tony should have been formal then tweeted...not just give us 140 characters and explain later...)

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