The Grits get gritty about UBB

He's tried so hard all these year to prove to us that he hears Canadians. Is Ignatieff finally stepping up to the plate and standing up for what Canadians believe in?

Well it's not hard to imagine that Iggy and the Liberals are anticipating a spring election and they are looking to please. Is this a bad thing? Not really... If you're interested in politicians kissing your ass, this is going to be a good couple of months for you!

So the Liberals have heard the complaints (one of them must have a Reddit account!) and they've dedicated time and resources to helping our fight against Usage Based Billing on Internet Service Providers in Canada. 

He may be a professor and a well educated man, but he's trying his best to prove he's a Great White Northern Canadian in heart and mind. Whether or not this is actually going to win Iggy and the gang some votes is yet to be decided, but he's a huge tool in helping us fight our fight, so we'd be stupid not to use it. 

Check out for more information on the Liberals support on the fight against UBB. Also follow the links on the site to the OpenMedia page, if you haven't already signed the petition against UBB with Cana
dian ISPs.

Cheers to the Liberals; we can't always count on them to follow the money, or treat us great between elections...but when the wind changes they are quick to hop on the band-wagon (and let's be fair, we could use the help right about now!)


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