Poke, the magic dragon!

Researchers have long known about dinosaurs lacking in dexterous-abilities. Some fossils have shown eerie humanoid hands, but those were the latest of fossils recorded. As we search further and further back we seem to be uncovering fewer and fewer fingers on these prehistoric beasts. Take one look at a T-Rex and your eyes are drawn to his tiny little arms and his 4 "fingers"...what could be more useless you might wonder. 
The answer, of course, is a one fingered fossil, found in 80 million year old rock formation in Inner Mongolia. Archeologists seem to agree that these single digits would have been used more for digging and poking around than anything else. Originally thought to be the first flightless birds, these dinosaurs have officially been given the "dino" tag. Read more about the  Linhenykus monodactylus, or what I am dubbing the Paleontological Poke-a-saurus, by clicking here!

Cheers to new dinosaurs being a lot less scary than the ones we all grew up knowing!

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