Fun-Key artwork on this building!

You just can't avoid the terrible puns! Give in to them...resistance is futile!
The Greenwich Locksmith of NY have taken decorating to a whole new level, you might even say they are on a whole new key. That's right, when it comes to making art from keys they've picked the right style. The idea of putting keys on the walls was an ingenious solution to getting rid of hundreds of useless keys that were laying around, and when it comes to the execution they really nailed it! (To the wall...the keys.... ok I'm gonna stop that now.)

For more images of the building itself, what it used to look like and more angles of it today, click here!

Cheers to thinking way outside the box when it comes to decor. It's nice to see art for the sake of art, making the world a more interesting place. Even though this isn't a very popular attraction, it's still worth a visit. Especially if you like tourist attractions that are a little...low-key! (sorry)

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