Beauty is on the screen of the mouse-holder

Our common perception of reality is terribly subjective and it's been a while since it's been made transparently obvious by the press. It has been four and a half years since Dove, the soap company, released an amazing video of what they call "evolution". Since 2006 the video has been viewed 12.4 million times on YouTube and countless other times elsewhere.

The reason I'm posting this is simply that, it seems, those I've spoken to on my campus were unaware this existed. It's easy to describe to people the effects of Photoshop these days since it has become incredibly common to see "shopped" images... but it's the subtle things we overlook that make these software applications dangerous to our perceived realities. It's the little tweeks that we sometimes don't notice. So I implore you to watch this video and look more objectively at advertisements and at "super models" when you see them in print... because the truth is: Pictures do lie!

As time goes by, our applications are only getting more sophisticated. It won't be long before these features are automated and from there, able to render in real-time footage... What we perceive as reality is becoming a two tier perception, what is in actuality and what we expect to be at the "perfect" level. Beauty really has become both actual, and digital...
Cheers to reality, and how disturbing it can become when we stray from it!

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