So already a few friends have inquired as to what exactly Memento Mori IS... well here it goes.

So a couple hundred years ago a few hundred people were fed up with social trends. These people were educated though mostly self-taught. Amongst the circle were great writers, artists, artisans, peasants, and general middle-class folks. In a time, around the 14c, when public figures were religious aristocrats and slaves to the bourgeoisie, the general populace was getting sick and tired of lies, corruption, greed, and abuse of power.
This sort of atmosphere beckoned calls for reform and many schisms of religious organizations... all together the world seemed like it was ready to tear at the seams. Instead of following in the paths of religious nay-sayers and nihilists and such, some of the men and women in this circle decided it was time for change.
In short the Renaissance (Rebirth) was developing and people were now understanding that the world did not need to be dictated by overlords and doomsday proclaimers.
These people took to society like a sensation of relief and they made some of the greatest decisions ever.
It's from this time that we get sayings such as "C'est la vie", "Carpe Diem, Carpe Noctem", "Eat Drink and be Merry", "Que Sera, Sera", etc.
It was a time that has been captured, in my mind at least, in the wood-carving of "La Dance Macabre". People no longer feared eternity or slaved in this life for future reward, but rather celebrated life and death and accepted mortality as an essential part of life!

It seems to me that today we have recreated these overlords, the corruption and greed is prevalent again...
So I've taken it upon myself to help in the good-fight. The fight for what truly is a celebration of life, humanitarian efforts, and accepting love, art, nature, and the human spirit for what it truly is... awesome!

This blog is a small effort to remind people what life is like when we don't read the news that tells us how awful everything is and how mediocre we are expected to be. It's real easy to find depressing news and to shed bad light on any subject these days... so let's fight back and highlight the world!

Remember, we are all in this together.
We ARE society. Don't let the small issues take center stage, and remember to fight world-suck any way you can. Help fight the good fight :)


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Nice blog, just wanted to say I found you through Google


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