It's safe to dance again Canada!

The Men Without Hats are suiting up (presumably without hats) for another tour! Yeah, you read that right; They are planning a come-back tour. Yahoo Canada News tells us: "The Montreal band, which broke big in the 1980s with "The Safety Dance" and "Pop Goes the World," is hitting the road for the first time in two decades."

You might not know them for much, but I refuse to believe that you don't know the Safety Dance. If you're still confused go Google it. If you're still a bit lost, then hop over to YouTube and watch the incredibly odd music video. No, seriously, we'll wait...just go look it up. There's midgets and dancing... awesome stuff!

Back? Okay, so that's the scoop. Tour dates will be announced and people everywhere will be reunited with the 80s like never before. 

Cheers to the 80's, thirty years can't keep us apart!


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