NASA fires up a 7500lb-thrust methane rocket...on YouTube!

For years NASA has been the leader in aviation research, particularly in the field of rocket science. For once then, the stuff I get to talk about actually is rocket science! This is exciting...

So the other day some intensely brilliant minds finally got to throw the switch on a world's first. A methane powered jet propulsion rocket. They released the information about the rocket with a wild video of the test ignition. The colours and shape of the rocket exhaust flames are just astonishing.

Like woven blue flame this machine belts out 7500 pounds of thrust all the while burning an abundant fuel source. The real reason that this rocket is so exciting is just that too! The fuels, or fuel rather, that this rocket burns is found all over space. 
" It can be harvested from Mars, Titan, Jupiter, and many other planets and moons." says as NASA spokesperson. Check out this video and imagine the worlds first inter-planetary space craft that's able to pull over for a fill-up on other worlds!

Cheers to finding new ways to blow stuff up and get ourselves as far from Earth as possible! The race is on!


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