Space Bunny!

You're probably familiar with stories about the "Man in the Moon," the supposed face that can be seen in the lunar surface. I personally have never been able to see it; Suppose maybe it's there and I'm just not afflicted with the same pareidolia as the rest of the world... which is unlikely as I believe we all tend to see faces in random objects, all the time. Usually this comes with a bit of Religious hysteria, like seeing Jesus in a dog's butt... but I'm of course referring to the more common cases such as seeing objects in clouds...

In the East however, they don't have as many tales of a man on the moon so much as a bunny. That's right, a bunny on the moon! 

Do you see it? The Bunny. (It's most obvious on the right hand side with his little eye)
In short, here's how the bunny got there:

 A rabbit, monkey, fox and otter were friends. One day the Buddha came along disguised himself as a hermit begging for alms. The otter took off into the water and brought the hermit some fish. The fox was able to find some milk-curd to give to the hermit. While the monkey climbed a tree and retrieved some fruit and gave it to hermit.
Unfortunately, the rabbit had nothing to give except some grass which the hermit could not eat, so he threw himself in the fire to become a meal for alms beggar.
 Immediately the Buddha revealed himself  and saved the rabbit from the flames. He then rewarded the rabbit by drawing his picture in the moon.

If you still don't see the Bunny, click here!
So that's the bunny on the moon.
Cheers to Western and Eastern differences!
Sandra Marr
2/21/2011 04:05:35 am

Actually, upon close inspection, I can see what they say is a rabbit, BUT! It truly looks more like a kangaroo. :)


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