Is this blog liberal or Liberal?

So once again I've received an email from a conservative (and likely a Conservative) reader who criticizes me of having a liberal bias (Well I assume he meant a liberal bias though he actually wrote "Liberal".) Oh yeh, it's a small difference, but that " L " makes a big difference. You see, liberals are people with progressive and open thoughts and who express ideas about liberalism; whereas Liberals are people who are part of the Liberal Party.

Now I won't deny that I'm liberal, because it is the case. I do have a very liberal view on the world. I will however deny that this blog is "Liberal" as it does not vote, and it's writer is not a registered member of the Liberals. Now since this was brought up, I can only assume the Conservative-conservative who wrote to me was offended by something...

I looked over the recent material and didn't find much that was terrible liberal I figured I'd make things easy. I would just post a super liberal-Liberal post that would undoubtedly set off the right-wingers in the audience. Here that is: 
Yup, that's 38 Harper-Meme comics... just look at that rock solid hair! It's like it was made from LEGO. It makes you wonder whether Harper deserves this. I mean, he's only standing in front of the largest debt in the history of Canada, all the while sending money abroad and funding wars we needn't be in... I just wonder how on Earth we are going toupée... Wow, I guess I'm still not over the hair. 

Cheers to poking fun at the right-wingers...the only ones we're sure can't take it :)

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