So this is it! New blog, new site, the works!

I'm definitely very happy with the way this is looking and I want to walk you through some of the Awesome that's been made!

First off: If you have an iPhone or a Droid or a Blackberry... Go check the site out! Do it! Do it now! ... Pretty awesome eh. We've got a fully Smartphone friendly mobile site complete with Nav. menu and the works.

Secondly: You'll notice that you are currently on the new blog. This is to replace the original one. How this is going to work is simple. I've got a blog for everyone, and a blog for locals! Yup, Niagara-stuff is going to be hosted on the Niagara blog. Pretty simple eh. Their might be more division later as I might add a wine blog on as well. 
Thirdly: There is no thirdly!

Fourthly: You'll find all the archived content still available by clicking on the links to the right! The old blog is still up at www.WhiskyGuyD.Blogspot.com so if you want to share some of that with others than go nuts! 

Fifthly: You're adopted. I'm sorry, but they thought this would be the easiest way to tell you... real sorry...

Sixthly: Enjoy the site and leave some comments and feedback. I think this one is going to be the final move for a while. Cheers Guys!


10/24/2012 07:39:20 am

Your blog was so simple, I went ahead and created one too, thank you.


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