www.UniverseGuyD.com ; Why the switch?

Yes that is the logo to the Atheist Alliance, if you're into graphic design and want to make a similar logo for UniverseGuyD, it would be much appreciated.
So some of you have asked about the new domain. I figured I'd help shed some light on what happened to WhiskyGuyD.com and why it's now UniverseGuyD.com. 
The main reasons behind the switch falls to semantics. People were too often spelling Whisky wrong (Not really "wrong" but the Irish spelling of "Whiskey") which made for some confusion. Furthermore, the site was becoming less and less about the wine and whisky blog and more about the "Blog for everyone" which focused on matters of universal importance. The stories on the site, as you've undoubtedly noticed, are more about life and science than anything else.

So long story short, the site is changing focus and to reflect that: new name!

For anyone who hasn't caught the bad pun; UniverseGuyD is indeed a terrible play on words based on everyone's favorite novel and film Hitchhicker's Guide to the Galaxy; I present to you then, your "Guyd" to the universe! All things from Awe to WTF! So I hope you guys have changed your bookmarks and you enjoy the "new" site. It's 9:10 am EST as I write this and already we're looking at just over 100 worldwide hits.

Cheers to thousands of future posts, and I promise we will get to original content and new videos once my schedule allows it.

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