What's the Buzz about?

If you were a fan of the 90's sitcom The Drew Carey Show, then you recognize the name "Buzz Beer." Unlike in the show, this is not a caffeinated coffee-beer cross, this has a whole different set of ingredients.

Infused with the "healthy mix of pure, wholesome ingredients plus the natural goodness of hemp," this beer offers some bang for the buck. Now don't let the pot-leaf fool you, this beer contains no THC or active hallucinogens. The only thing that's gonna get you any kind of a buzz is the 5% alc/vol. So it's a red lager made from B.C. hemp, dark-roast Alberta malt and German hops.  This ingredients list puts this beer on the flavour-scales between Molson Canadian and Rickard's Red. The company claims the hemp aids in delivering a "smooth flavour finish."

The beer itself is well price and offers what I would deem as appropriate bang for the buck. At 5 bucks ($5.50 with deposit) the beer is comparatively cheap. The brewery is open to visits and offers tours. Just go to www.CoolBeer.com and check out what they have to offer. 
I wouldn't recommend this beer to a picky connoisseur-type, but if you want a refreshing beer and want to make an impression at your next party. Remember Millennium Buzz.

Cheers to beer itself! Buy fresh, buy local!

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