The issue with "Live" television...

Well it's not nearly as bad as most of what we're used to seeing on the nightly newses. We have all gotten used to listening to the Bill O'Reillys and the Glen Becks of the word so nonsensical remarks on live TV are so 2009... but Canada has it's own flavour. Recently a reporter for Global said some incomprehensible things on-air during a live broadcast. Now I give him credit for not just spewing lies and nonsense like the aforementioned, his issues were strictly the results of medical problems.

Watching the video you'd almost expect this to be an incredible case of stage fright, but reporter Mark McAllister claims this is the result of a medical condition. He became very disoriented and couldn't get out a clear sentence. According to the Star "Paramedics were immediately called to the scene", McAllister was "fully checked out" and planed to "pursue this matter with his doctor".

The Toronto Star reported:
"A Global News Toronto reporter is feeling better after letting loose a stream of Serene Branson-esque gibberish on air Monday night.
During a segment on strife in Libya, cameras turned to reporter Mark McAllister who began speaking about defence minister Peter MacKay. But in videos of the episode posted on the Internet, McAllister can be seen quickly losing his way and falling into a stream of garbled sentences."

According to McAllister's Twitter, he is feeling much better and should be back in action without issue ASAP.

Cheers to Mark McAllister, we wish him the very best and we hope he's doing well. He should be back on the air shortly. 


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