The snow was beginning to pile up outside as I sat down to update the blog and jump into a few international chatrooms to see what the buzz on the net was about. As usual their were plenty of interesting topics on sites all other the place...but their was one that struck a cord with me more than any other.

We were discussing tattoos and art and I was asked by someone to explain my ink. I'm not one to brag about my tattoos and I'm not one to get them on a whim either. I always give the artwork months of thought and contemplation before settling on a design and location, as one should with something so permanent. It was in this conversation that someone asked me about the maple leaf I have on my chest. I told them it was the easiest decision I'd ever made and that it's a piece of art I will never regret. 

"How could you be so sure," they asked, "that you won't someday regret it... it's not like you can say that you're never ashamed to be Canadian!" This statement got to me a little. I couldn't help but think of the events I've lived through that genuinely made me feel like Canada, as a nation, had let the world down. Certain people, in this country of ours, have soiled its image with ignorance and greed... but then I got to thinking about our national identity; I thought about the sort of things that make us Canadians. 

Luckily, in my search, I came across more than just old videos of Bob and Doug McKenzie. The videos weren't just old skits with Colin Mockery and Rick Mercer... though I loved all of those clips all-the-same. I came across one video that really made me proud, made feel genuinely patriotic (which for a Canadian to do is a biological anomaly!) The video came to us during the Vancouver winter Olympics and wasn't even aired in Canada. So I thought it was worth sharing it with you guys today. Here is that video:

Cheers to patriotism every day of the year, because one day in the summer just doesn't cut it for a nation this Awesome!


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