Fear not the robo-cops!


As Canadians we here a lot of talk about speed cameras. They have become part of the landscape in Europe and they are in many of the states, but did you know that Ontario doesn't even have them; we haven't even had them for the last 16 years!
   In Ontario, Canada
, speed cameras were scrapped in 1995 when road deaths stood at 999 a year and have since fallen      to 881. According to the Daily Mail a political spokesman for Ontario said "speed cameras had no effect on drunk drivers, tailgaters, unsafe lane changes, sudden stoppers or vehicles with serious mechanical defects. These are the biggest killers on Ontario roads and they can only be stopped by officers on patrol."

Sure, we've got cameras on our highways...but they're just traffic cams or toll roads. We're free from speed-traps on a stick, but keep an eye out for the radars with a cop stuck to the back of'em!

Cheers to international difference on law enforcement! (Nobody tell the Govt. how profitable those things are!)

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