Vote? Is there beer? Sweeeeet...

I we've learned anything this year it's that Canadians are incredibly unpredictable creatures. We're docile and quiet, and then you try to take our internet away and we'll bite your bloody face off! So it's natural to think that our politics are a bit weird as well. This fall Ontario is set to go to provincial elections and with that comes some interesting brides...I mean campaign promises! 
Amongst this year's contenders for "Best Promises Made by an Desperate Party" is my personal favorite comment from Tory Rep., the Hon. Tim Hudak. It's not an official statement, but Hudak suggests that he may fight for the return of Ontario's "Buck-a-Beer" allowance.
You see, in Ontario the govt. decides the minimum beer price. For a while the Libs. have jacked our prices to "discourage consumption." The Conservatives seem to think it's more wise to give Canadians one less thing to drink about...urr, THINK about! (Yeh that's it.) So what would help relieve the strain on Canadians budgets...cheaper beer! (Hell, we're drinking it either way!) It's only $1.60 off a cheap 24

Cheers to Tim Hudak, if there's a way to win the hearts and minds of the Canadian voting masses...I'm sure it somehow involves beer!

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