Ozzy fans look away NOW!

Just one month ago, Ozzy Osbourne had no idea who Justin Bieber was (lucky guy!) When he was asked about his opinion of modern/contemporary music Bieber's name was brought into the discussion. Ozzy replied "Who the F*** is Justin Bieber?" Since then, news has surfaced that the unlikely duo was hired by BestBuy Co. for a SuperBowl ad. 
Very recently, Justin Tweeted: "Guess the word is out. me and OZZY did a pretty funny commercial for @BestBuy for the SUPER BOWL - got to make some fun of myself. pretty funny. u gotta be able to laugh at yourself or life isnt fun."
I count 5 live braincells in the whole picture... Bieber meets the Osbournes for a BestBuy commercial to air during this year's superbowl
Once again, I feel, as an Ontarian, I should extend an open apology to the world. We were sorry about the whole Shania Twain thing... and then we kinda relapsed and gave the world Avril Lavigne... then when that finally settled and people started trusting us again. Bam! Bieber! So, uh, sorry...again.

Cheers to how little soul any performer will have when presented with SuperBowl money!

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