A Greener Pepsi by 2012

"This product image shows the new Pepsi bottle made entirely of plant material. The bottle is made from switch grass, pine bark, corn husks and other materials. Ultimately, Pepsi plans to also use orange peels, oat hulls, potato scraps and other leftovers from its food business. The new Pepsi bottles are scheduled to begin appearing in 2012.PepsiCo/AP"

That's right, Pepsi Co. is set to abolish plastics by 2012. The new bottles will have a much shorter life on our planet and require less energy to decompose or recycle making them a huge advantage for the environment. The "plastic" of the bottles will be made from organic materials only and will have a much less devastating effect on the natural world.

Cheers to Pepsi for spending the needed time and money on research for such products. The Earth thanks you and so do we!

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