We Were Hacked, Almost Extorted ; So I Emailed The Hacker’s Mom - CEO of PoF

The famed Markus Frind, Canadian founder and CEO of Plenty of Fish, the free internet hook-up site, recently found himself in some hot water. The website, which receives more than 1 billion page impressions per month, was hacked recently. Markus called the hacking a “well planned and sophisticated attack”.

He and his wife were the subject of harassment and in the aftermath of the attacks he says the hackers attempted to extort the company. Many emails and passwords were downloaded from the site, though Markus will not say how many profiles were affected. (Forewarning to anyone who might use the site, remember to check and change your passwords on there ASAP.)
According to Frind, an Argentinian hacker named Chris Russo – who recently hacked The Pirate Bay – broke into PoF after 2 days of trolling through the site, under his real name (Derp!). Markus recounts the event:
At midnight Miami time my wife gets a call from Chris Russo that plentyoffish has been hacked into and that Russians have taken over his computer and are trying to kill him, and his life is in extreme danger and they are currently downloading plentyoffish’s database. Chris is trying to create a sense of panic.

I listened in the background and I closed the breach if indeed there was one while my wife was on the phone and then I immediately ordered an investigation. Over the next 24 hours we got a lot of voice mails from Chris Russo frantically wanting to talk to us.

There is some dispute and controversy over who initiated the attacks on who, and you can read more on the events by clicking here. Chris Russo blames Markus for the attacks and it even involved some childish name calling and telling mom...worth a read!

Cheers to internet dating, if you manage to not catch a virus from the site, just try some of the loose women online for a real one! (Also, cheers to Canadian politics and business ethics... where"I'm telling your mom" is a potential business move!)
10/15/2013 10:47:44 am

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