Porsche hits 1 million likes, FAST!

Ok, so it's not exactly a glowing endorsement, but it's there...somewhere. Click the Porsche above, or click here, to see the Porsche 1 million thanks, up close and personal. Somewhere on that car is written the words "Dennis Universeguyd Faucher" and I'm thinking of turning the search into a contest... but what could I give away?

Leave a comment here or on the Forum and let me know what should be the prize.

Cheers to Porsche being the faster 0-1million likes in Facebook car-page history.

P.S. Porsche's search function is not working. For example you might find the Name "Ady Adrian" on the hood (near the left tie-down) and when you search for the name in their finder, it relocates you to the driverside door and tells you to hunt. Also many names you can read and then type in say "Sorry you missed the chance" when you can clearly see the names there.

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