Lisa Jelliffe and Kirsten Rutherford of Brothers and Sisters's 'Making the invisible visible'

Graffiti is often viewed as vandalism and not highly valued in the work-a-day world. Periodically, however, elements of graffiti surpass the threshold of human judgement and justification and leap from being simple tagging to being works of genuine art. 

This image is a wonderful example of what happens when genuine talent and skill collide with the real world in a beautiful display of art.

 Lisa Jelliffe and Kirsten Rutherford of Brothers and Sisters, in collaboration with German street art collective Mentalgassi have put up this display of sheer brilliance. The image itself is the face of Troy Davis, a man put on death-row in the USA for the last 19 years despite serious doubts about his culpability in the crimes committed. 

Below is a video of the art being created. 
Cheers to hacking the world, IRL


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